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Issue #22 Sept 15, 2014

Healthy Pizza Do-Over!

By Aleshia Pinto Take your family’s favourite meals and find a way to do them over! Thanks to the help from ...

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The Barbell Project – See It In Action!

By Angela Hauck, personal trainer, nutrition coach & figure competitor    In our September 1st Issue we challenged all GORGO Girls to ...

Getting Specific Garners The (Successful) Goal

By Erica Willick     Gorgo Girl Success Story Stephanie Willke, Clinical Research Associate and mother of 2, set herself a specific goal – ...

In Pursuit of Happiness

By Brandi Arden, Health & Fitness Support Coach   How important is being happy to you?  A common thing that I have ...

Everyday Beasts

By Beverly Childress,         They move among you every day. Often you are unaware. You see them at the ...

Habits: Reprogramming Yourself for a Habitually Healthy You

By Angela Hauck, personal trainer, nutrition coach & figure competitor    We can be habitually happy; habitually driven; and habitually supportive. Just as ...

Why Should We Vary our Protein Sources, and Which are Best?

By Stephanie Laurendeau, OperationLean   You LOVE chicken, and only chicken - so why isn't it a good idea to eat only CHICKEN as ...

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